Jonathan and I often find ourselves mesmerized by God’s personality displayed in nature. We have been so blessed with the colors, sights, and sounds placed perfectly for us to capture. The Roswell Mill offered a unique glimpse of the strength of His creation and the ingenuity He has given mankind to harness its power.

Waterfalls are beautiful. They can be peaceful yet powerful. Jonathan and I arrived at the waterfall at 5:45am. A perfectly serene morning greeted us. The waterfall ran its course untouched by humans for the time being. Kameron and Rachel arrived with a steaming cup of Starbucks in hand that they graciously picked up for me. Rachel was beautiful in a blue gown. Her make up was stunning and perfect for the dramatic scene we wanted to create. Kameron was hilarious as we got to know him. He kept the mood light and fun, and definitely kept us laughing. 

With the sunrise behind us, we looked forward to sunset. Rachel’s artistic make-up expertise added a dimension as she perfectly styled her make-up to match each scene. Her make-up amplified her beautiful features and highlighted her loving smiles towards Kameron. Dramatic for the waterfall, soft and romantic in the sun-soaked fields, and natural for interviews were her make-up choices. Rachel and Kameron were such wonderful collaborators. Kameron effortlessly twirled Rachel countless times in the forest as the sun danced through the leaves. 

Rachel and Kameron are so sweet and easy-going, and it was such a pleasure to work with them. Butterflies, waterfalls, and sun-drenched fields….it doesn’t get more romantic than that! 

Congratulations Kameron and Rachel on five years of marriage!