“At First Sight”


Lindsey and David’s story is a fairytale in the best way: boy sees girl, girl meets boy, and both find themselves head over heels. Lindsey and David welcomed me and Jonathan into their home with nervous excitement. 

As the interviews began, Jonathan and I couldn’t stop grinning and laughing along with Lindsey and Dave. They shared the wonderful stories that made up their beginning. Their initial meeting was unexpected but very endearing. Dave continued to make us laugh with anecdotes of his first impressions of the initial meet up. His patience and determination to date Lindsey were clearly born of a calm certainty. Lindsey’s bright eyes sparkled as she expressed how her love for Dave has grown and blossomed. Jonathan and I knew we were witnessing a very special story. We couldn’t wait to get started and put all of the pieces together. 

Mount Arabia proved to be a spectacular setting for piggy-back riding, twirling, and, of course, kissing. A nearby field was the perfect romantic backdrop for a graceful walk and plenty of hand holding. The mountain was ideal for a dramatic dance sequence that Lindsey and Dave pulled off effortlessly! We finished our shoot at a picturesque farm where Lindsey and Dave laughed, spun, and ran around the bales of hay. 

We are so happy Lindsey and David trusted us to share their love through a Signpost Story. We can attest first hand to their perfect pairing. Very sincere congratulations on your engagement, wedding, and wonderful future together!